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CIOE 2019,Shenzhen Yingda Shows Excellent Quality

CIOE 2019,Shenzhen Yingda Shows Excellent Quality


China International Optoelectronic Exposition 2019

On September 7, 2019, the 21st CIOE 2019 came to an end. During the 4 days , exhibitors have exhibited new products, and the exhibition site is full of flowers. For Shenzhen YINGDA Photonic Co.Ltd. , CIOE 2019 is not only the release and display of new products, also let agents and customers of all over the world know the quality advantages and design advantages of Shenzhen YINGDA.

In CIOE 2019, Shenzhen Yingda has shown a series of new products besides traditional optical fiber connector boxes. These products are  designed by professional design team according to the needs and  applications of telecommunication operators all over the world. They are very useful and efficient in solving many problems  in the industry and are well received by many exhibitors.

MORE THAN 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN FIBER OPTIC, experts in quality and delivery speed. Shenzhen YINGDA Photonic Co.Ltd. is a professional fiber optic manufacturer and trading combo . They have always believed that The Quality is stronger than love and good quality products can solve problems.

(Spanish customers carefully observed the quality of FDB0216F at  CIOE 2019.)

How to distinguish what is a high quality product? The engineers of Yingda Shenzhen told us that Material Selection, Design Engineering and Realistic Needs should be considered.


Standard 1, Material Selection. Take this FDB0216F which we sell very well as an example. Its material is thermoplastic engineering plastics. It is processed from high density polyethylene with viscous average molecular weight greater than 1.7 million. It is impact resistant, low temperature resistant, abrasion resistant, chemical corrosion resistant, self-lubrication and absorption of impact energy. It is the highest value in plastics at present and the best material for boxes. In recent years, this kind of material has been widely used in our customers all over the world, and the demand is increasing. Now many similar products in the industry are also applied.

Standard 2, Design Engineering. Taking FDB0216Y as an example, the shape refers to the spacecraft's sci-fi design style. Outer case buckle imitates the way of opening the cabin door, and optical cable inlet and outlet imitates the ejector of the spacecraft. The whole box opens like a model of a small spaceship. Five ten-core fibre-fused discs and 16 large-capacity fibre-optic cables have been imported and exported to meet the needs of customers for multiple uses of one box.

(Its design engineering not only has a high knowledge content, and also has a strong sense of design.)


Standard 3, Realistic Needs. In response to customer needs, Shenzhen YINGDA will make special technical treatment of the product. For example, equipment in the telecommunications industry needs to be placed outdoors. In order to prevent the safety and aging of equipment, products are required to be waterproof and durable. Now let's see how waterproof we are.

(Flush the box for 15 minutes and open it. You can see that there is no trace of water or wetness in it. The waterproof effect is so good that it solves the problem of customer equipment raining)


Shenzhen YINGDA can design and manufacture high quality products by quantifying standards and combining customer needs. As they believe, The Quality is stronger than love , Good quality products can help customers solve problems.


CIOE 2019 has come to a successful conclusion. Shenzhen Yingda Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. Will do better, absorb the highlights of excellent enterprises in the Expo, learn more cutting-edge information from excellent industry people, and further improve the quality of Shenzhen YINGDA from research and development, manufacturing, product, market, after-sales and other aspects, so that customers thousands of miles away can buy our products at ease,and don't worryabout quality.

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