Yingda has more than 10 years experience in fiber optic equipment manufacturing,is a professional fiber optic equipment suppliers & fiber optic cable manufacturers.

Optical fiber splitter(such as fiber optic plc splitter) is a device used to realize the splitting and combining of light wave energy. It distributes the optical energy transmitted in a single fiber to two or more fibers according to a given proportion, or synthesizes the optical energy transmitted in multiple fibers into a single fiber. Now Yingda optical splitter manufacturers/plc splitter supplier can provide 1xN to 128, 2xN to 64 fibers in bare fiber, 0.9mm, 2mm ,3mm type.

PLC (FBT) splitter can do 1xN / 2xN series with steel tube, ABS module, LGX cassette, 19" rack patch panel, splice closure, etc. All splitters are manufactured and tested to Telcordia-1209-core & GR-1221-core standard.

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