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What is Fiber Optic Adapter?

What is Fiber Optic Adapter?


Fiber Optic Adapter


Fiber optic adapter, also known as Fiber Optic Coupler, is a small device that used to terminate or link the fiber optic cables or fiber optic connectors between two fiber optic lines. A Fiber Adapter allows fiber-optic cables to be mounted on each other singly or perhaps in a large network, allowing many devices to communicate at once. Fiber Optic Adapters are widely used in light distribution frame(ODF), optical fiber communications equipment, measuring appliance and so on.




Optical adapter is available in versions to connect single fibers together (simplex), two fibers together (duplex), or sometimes four fibers together (quad).Most adapters are female on both ends, for connecting two cables. Connecting two cables together makes it possible for two devices to speak from a distance through a direct connection with the fiber optic line. Some are male-female, which generally plug right into a port on a device.

This then allows the port to simply accept a different connector compared to which it was originally designed. We discourage this use because we discover the adapter extending in the devices are susceptible to being bumped and breaking. Also, if not properly routed, the load from the cable and connector hanging in the adapter could cause some misalignment and a degraded signal.




Fiber optic adapters are typically connecting cables with similiar connectors (SC adapter

to SC connector, LC adapter to LC Connector, etc.). Some adapters, called “hybrid”, accept different types of connectors (ST to SC, LC to SC, etc.). When attemping to connect two cables which are different shapes, it’s important to use a hybrid connector.

There’s also adapters you can use to attach a bare fiber-optic cable to some Power Adapter. This piece permits the cable to suit into a connection slot, whether into a mating sleeve or into an electronic device. The fiber-optic cable can be fit into an adapter that works with any of the standard shaped connectors.




The fiber optic adapters are many types due to the diversity of the connectors. In order to realize the fluent fiber optic connection, the fiber optic adapter panel shapes or types ought to be in accordance with the fiber optic connectors or cables. Common shapes from the adapters are square, rectangular, or round that with FC, LC, ST, SC, MTRJ types. These simple types of adapters in many cases are referred to as mating sleeves simply because they allow two cables to connect one to the other. Some of these common line to line connectors are also built to connect 3 or 4 cables together.





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